Heavy-Duty Oil Resistant Food Hose w/White Nitrile Tube – 1.5in x 150ft – 150psi | F002103-150

Heavy-Duty Oil Resistant Food Hose w/White Nitrile Tube – 1.5in x 150ft – 150psi | F002103-150

This heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose is designed for use in food service applications where oil resistance is required. White Nitrile tube meets FDA requirement for the transfer of oil and water based food products.

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White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA






-25°F to 230°F

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Are you searching for a premium quality food suction and discharge hose that is specifically built for food service applications and that lives up to its promises of durability and reliability? The F002103-150 is a flawless selection for you! This heavy-duty hose is thoughtfully engineered to meet the demanding needs of the food industry. It is a safe and lasting solution developed to transfer oil and water based food products seamlessly.

The F002103-150 is built with a white Nitrile tube that is FDA-approved, providing outstanding oil resistance and easy cleanability. You won’t have to worry about it getting brittle over time because the Nitrile/PVC blend allows for a flexible, yet long-lasting tube. The textile reinforcement gives the hose added durability and stability, while the steel helix holds the shape of the hose and guarantees optimal performance. This hose has an impressive temperature range of -25°F to 230°F, making it an incredibly versatile choice for various food service applications.

This hose has an inner diameter of 1.5 inches and an outer diameter of 1.97 inches, delivering the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. With a pressure rating of 150 psi and a burst ratio of 04:01:00, the F002103-150 truly ensures the durability and performance you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

The F002103-150 is a food suction and discharge hose that can expertly handle oil and water-based food products, it meets FDA requirements, and has the added benefit of delivering outstanding performance in a range of temperatures. Investing in this industrial-grade solution will enable your business to have a seamless and safe experience. Try the F002103-150 today, and watch your operations improve!

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