PVC Polyester Sewn Ducting for Air Movement in Temporary Systems | UL94VTM-O Flame Resistant | 18in x 25ft | Steel Helix | -20°F to 180°F

PVC Polyester Sewn Ducting for Air Movement in Temporary Systems | UL94VTM-O Flame Resistant | 18in x 25ft | Steel Helix | -20°F to 180°F

This sewn ducting is designed for air in temporary ducting systems. For use with air movement, air conditioning and dehumidification. PVC polyester has excellent UV resistance. Large pitch allows for significant compression and flexibility. Meets flame resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 specifications

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13 kg
25 cm
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PVC Polyester




-20°F to 180°F

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Are you looking to optimize the airflow in your home or office? Look no further than our newly crafted sewn ducting system, designed specifically for air movement, air conditioning, and dehumidification systems. Made with PVC polyester material, this ducting boasts incredible UV resistance, ensuring unwavering durability and longevity even in direct sunlight.

Our sewn ducting system has been optimized for easy installation and is perfect for temporary air systems thanks to its incredible compression and flexibility features. With a large pitch, this ducting can bend and shape into various shapes, meaning you can install with ease and confidence that it will function correctly. Not only is this system flexible and easy to install, but it also meets the flame-resistant UL94VTM-O, California Fire Marshal, and NFPA701 specifications, ensuring safe usage in any home or office environment.

This ducting system can withstand extreme temperatures, with the ability to operate within a temperature range of -20°F to 180°F. With its smooth inner lining, the airflow is optimized without any restriction, providing reliable and efficient performance. The optimal airflow is maintained with a vacuum rating of 29, minimizing airflow disruptions and keeping your air system running smoothly.

We have crafted our sewn ducting system with STEEL helix to ensure maximum durability and stability, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations with a peace of mind that it will function correctly and stay in place. With an ID measurement of 18 inches, it’s the perfect fit for your air system and provides a length of 25ft, ideal for small or larger air systems.

At our company, we prioritize quality and reliability. This is why we guarantee that our sewn ducting is quality-tested and a reliable choice for your air system needs. Allow us to provide you with a durable, efficient, and reliable solution to your ducting needs. Choose our ducting and experience optimal airflow like never before.

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