2C01-1000-0240-CS-FXFL Composite Hose – Flexible Petroleum Transfer Solution for Tank Farms and Loading Stations

2C01-1000-0240-CS-FXFL Composite Hose – Flexible Petroleum Transfer Solution for Tank Farms and Loading Stations

This heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose is designed for use in petroleum transfer applications. The flexible design is perfect for tank farms,midstream pumping locations, loading stations, loading arm hoses. In applications where bend radius and weight are an issue with rubber, petroleum composite is the perfect solution.

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Natural polypropylene



Inner Helix


Outer Helix



-40°F to 212°F

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OD (in)


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Introducing our premium heavy-duty suction and discharge composite hose – the 2C01-1000-0240-CS-FXFL, specially designed for petroleum transfer applications. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, our flexible hose puts an end to bend radius and weight issues.

Experience the ultimate solution for tank farms, midstream pumping locations, loading stations and loading arm hoses. The natural polypropylene tube and reinforced POLYFIBER ensures you are equipped to handle and transfer a wide variety of petroleum products.

With a strong and durable galvanized inner and outer helix, this hose can endure external wear and damage without compromising on quality. Additionally, our hose stands its ground against extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212°F.

Our product boasts an impressive 10-inch diameter and 11.5-inch outer diameter with a pressure resistance of up to 250 PSI. The versatile hose is available in a pre-made industrial hose category – Petroleum Transfer, or a Pre-made Industrial Hose, to suit your needs.

Here at [Brand Name], our industrial products speak for themselves. Our 2C01-1000-0240-CS-FXFL hose is crafted to fill any void of weight and bend radius issues while delivering quality and dependability in every petroleum transfer application.

We take pride in offering a detailed product description designed to answer any questions you may have. Experience the difference with our composite hose and see why the 2C01-1000-0240-CS-FXFL is the ultimate solution for all petroleum transfer needs. Try it today and trust us, you’ll soon be looking for more.

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