Style 3540

Microcellular PTFE Gasketing


Tighter seal

  • Highly compressible PTFE seals under low bolt load- suitable for many non-metallic flanges*
  • Compressible material conforms to surface irregularities, especially on warped, pitted or scratched flanges
  • Reduced cold flow and creep normally associated with conventional PTFE gaskets

Excellent chemical compatibility

  • Pure PTFE withstands a wide range of chemicals

Easy to cut and install

  • Soft PTFE can be cut easily from larger sheets, reducing inventory costs and expensive downtime


  • Strong caustics, strong acids, hydrocarbons, chlorine, cryogenics, glasslined equipment

*For flat face flanges, a minimum compressive stress of 1,500psi is recommended on the contacted gasket area for 150psig liquid service. Consult with the flange manufacturer to confirm that adequate compressive stress is available.

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